6 biggest disappointments on Chicago Bears half way through 2023 season

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Bryce Young, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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2. The Chicago Bears two rookie interior defenders have not been good enough 

The Chicago Bears decided to pass on Jalen Carter for Darnell Wright despite a huge need for a defensive tackle. Instead of Carter, the Bears doubled up on Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens. 

We cannot knock the idea too much because Darnell Wright has been so good. However, Pickens and Dexter have been huge disappointments. 

Dexter flashes at times. He has 11 pressures this year. However, his playing time is limited because the Bears view him as a poor run defender. He has 163 snaps on passing downs and 78 snaps on run downs. 

Meanwhile, Pickens had 87 snaps on passing downs and 61 snaps on run downs. That is a lot less than Dexter. The issue here is that Dexter had the upside to be a better pass rusher but was less pro-ready. His season is closer to expectations. Pickens had a lower ceiling but a higher floor. He was more ready to play. If this is what he is going to bring as a pro-ready player, the Chicago Bears have problems. 

Justin Jones is a free agent after this year. Does he start to lose snaps to Pickens and Dexter, or do they remain disappointments?