5 biggest disappointments past quarter mark of Chicago Bears 2023 season

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Jaylon Jones
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4. The Chicago Bears are not getting their moneys worth on Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards

One of the biggest moves the Chicago Bears made this offseason was boosting up their linebacker corps. Despite seeing a good season from Jack Sanborn, and despite Matt Eberflus having an ability to get the most out of linebackers in the past, the team decided to spend big at the position.

They added T.J. Edwards, who was not a bad deal, but Tremaine Edmunds came in over the top to make this a highly-paid room. Both have failed to deliver. Edwards was great in coverage last year, now he is leading the Bears in yards allowed.

It is a bit different playing linebacker clean behind the Eagles defensive line compared to this defensive front, and Edwards is feeling it. The Chicago Bears could have considered that.

Tremaine Edmunds has been worse. It is partly because of his salary, but he has provided little positive, and there are plenty of negatives to point to in his game. He looks slow to diagnose and has too many missed tackles. He also is not making an impact in coverage. The Commanders game saw a lot of players get back on track, but Edmunds continued to struggle. Is this the way things will remain for the Chicago Bears?