5 biggest disappointments past quarter mark of Chicago Bears 2023 season

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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2. The Chicago Bears secondary cannot stay healthy

The strength of the Chicago Bears roster was supposed to be their secondary. When you think about it, Eddie Jackson and Jaylon Johnson were two hits from Ryan Pace. Meanwhile, Ryan Poles committed big draft equity here.

Poles drafted Kyler Gordon, Jaqaun Brisker, and Tyrique Stevenson in round two to complete the secondary. It has not come together yet.

Johnson and Jackson have been injured, as has Kyler Gordon. In the limited time these three have played they have not been issues, but they have not played enough. It has led to a lot of Terell Smith, Greg Stroman, and Elijah Hicks.

Brisker has not been completely healthy, although he has not missed time. Still, you can see it is impacting his play, as are all of the rotating pieces around him.

Stevenson has had moments but also was welcomed to the NFL by Mike Evans in a big way. Overall, if the big names can get healthy the unit still has life. We are not there yet, and this unit has not lived up to expectations.