5 biggest disappointments past quarter mark of Chicago Bears 2023 season

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Cody Whitehair
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1. We knew Cody Whitehair would struggle for the Chicago Bears

This one is hardly surprising, but it is still disappointing. You can easily throw in Lucas Patrick as well. What is so disappointing is that anyone who watched the Bears last year knew you should not trust these two. Still, Ryan Poles did.

Patrick was signed as a backup from the Packers and should not have been viewed as a starter. He was hurt through his entire first year, and in the rare parts of games he played, he was a letdown.

So, the team brought him back and made him their top depth option at all interior line slots.

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Cody Whitehair has a similar story. He was struggling through the 2022 season, and after all of the injuries he played through in his career, it made sense that he was on his last legs. His salary made it clear for the team to cut him. They kept him. Whitehair has been awful. To be fair, they asked him to move to center all summer and then, at the last minute, asked him to move back to guard. Now, he is back at center. This is a lot on him, and it is more on the team for putting him here than it is his fault. Still, this situation has been disappointing for sure.