5 biggest disasters hitting Chicago Bears through four weeks

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Starting off 0-4 has been an absolute disaster for the Chicago Bears. Still, this team somehow manages to take the bad and make it even worse. In a season where the list of issues is long, what are some of the worst things to happen to this team?

5. The Chicago Bears offensive line has remained a disaster

On the field, the biggest issue has been the offensive line. Justin Fields may not be the franchise guy, but he also can make plays at times. The offensive line has had every possible disaster happen.

At left tackle, they are onto Larry Borom because Braxton Jones is on the season-ending IR. Jones was in a huge year where the team needed to decide on his starting status moving forward, and now the Bears and Jones will enter the offseason with huge questions.

Left guard had Teven Jenkins landing on the IR, so it moved center Cody Whitehair over to the left side. He has been awful, but this one could have been expected. The same can be said for Lucas Patrick, who is a disaster. Right guard had an unexpected twist when Nate Davis had awful family news come about.

Injuries to Jones and Jenkins, plus Davis having such a personal issue come about, could not be expected. However, the team did not provide adequate depth and allowed this to blow up in their faces due to all of the shuffling pieces. We will never know how good this line could have been with Jones and Jenkins healthy and Davis back into the flow of things.