5 biggest disasters hitting Chicago Bears through four weeks

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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4. Justin Fields had two game winning drives and no wins for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were blown out of two games this season. The team also had two chances to win games at the last second, and they failed. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bears got backed up toward their own end zone, and a failed screen call led to a pick-six by Justin Fields.

Then, the Bears had a chance to beat the Denver Broncos, in fact, multiple. First, Fields was strip-sacked to tie the game. Then, he actually did lead his team down the field, but a failed fourth-down attempt gave the Broncos the ball back in a tie game.

In both scenarios, it is easy to blame the play calling, the line, and factors other than Justin Fields. However, Fields has had chances to win games and be that person and has never taken advantage. Whether it was the Falcons or Dolphins last year, or the two chances this year, he has had chances to turn losses into wins. They do not happen enough. So, for as much talent as Fields has, and in the right system, he can keep teams in the game, but for now, he has not had that moment that shows he can win games in the NFL.