5 biggest disasters hitting Chicago Bears through four weeks

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Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears, Alan Williams
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3. Alan Williams is no longer the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator

This feels so long ago now, but that is just a sad indictment of what this season is. The Chicago Bears have now gone three games without a defensive coordinator. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was a subtle surprise, but against the Chiefs and the Broncos, the team was prepared for this. Still, the news is shocking.

We will not speculate why Williams moved on, but the timing is bizarre, to say the least. It left the team having to make major changes on the fly without much time to prepare. So far, it has not led to good results.

Matt Eberflus is now calling the defense, and he looks over his head. Eberflus has always said he wanted to be the CEO and not focus too much on one unit. However, now that he is calling plays, he has to focus more on the defensive side. He said that this has not impacted how much time he dedicates to overseeing the entire operation, but that has to be a lie. Or, he is not spending nearly enough time on defense, because the job that Williams had cannot just be replaced by someone who spends half of his time with the offense, and the other half over seeing things. Who is actually coordinating this defense, or is Eberflus losing his role as the CEO?