5 biggest disasters hitting Chicago Bears through four weeks

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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2. Justin Fields has already had to walk back comments in the media

Another season with another disaster stemming from media comments. Justin Fields already came out and said that the coaching was causing him issues and then immediately walked it back. Still, it is hard to misinterpret what he said.

It is fair to say that he blamed himself, and said he needs to not focus on the coaching and just play loose. However, that is still saying that the coaching is overbearing. It may be right, but at the time and place, it came off excuse-making. That is why Fields had to immediately come out and walk that back.

The aftermath was not pretty either. The forced social media moments between him and Luke Getsy would have been cool if the Kansas City Chiefs did not go out there and shut the two of them down right after. The Bears' offense found some life against the Broncos, but they may not see defenses as bad again.

The whole situation and the blame game are so typical for Chicago. When you cannot tell if it is the quarterback or the offensive coordinator, it is probably both.