3 biggest positives from Chicago Bears' win over Arizona Cardinals

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The Chicago Bears beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-16. Considering the Cardinals are on track to draft in the top three this year, and the Bears win to move them to 6-9, the game did not have many significant consequences in the race for the Super Bowl in 2024 but there were definitely positive takeaways from Bears fans moving forward. What are the biggest keys?

3. The Chicago Bears handled business for once

Matt Eberflus entered the week 16 game 0-3-1 against the spread as a favorite in his coaching career. He was just 2-2 when his team was expected, and both of the wins were last-second field goal wins. It shows that his teams are not coached to finish the job and win they are supposed to. 

Beyond struggling to win as a favorite, Matt Eberflus and his team have blown three double-digit leads in the fourth quarter this season. If Eberflus could win as a favorite and put teams away when he has a lead, his coaching status would not be in any question. Finally, Matt Eberflus not only won as a favorite, but his team handled business and won comfortably for the first time. 

Lastly, they won with a double-digit fourth-quarter lead. Admit it, when the Cardinals cut the lead to 24-16 late in the fourth quarter, you had that weird feeling that the team would go three-and-out, and the only question from there was whether the Cardinals would convert a two-point conversion to tie it.  

Instead, the Bears moved the ball into field goal range, taking a ton of time and killing the Cardinals’ chances. You have to learn to win and learn to put teams away in the NFL. Whether Eberflus stays or goes, it is good to see the roster getting used to that feeling of winning when you are supposed to. For Eberflus, it could be a sign that he has made progress this year.