3 biggest positives from Chicago Bears' win over Arizona Cardinals

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2. The Carolina Panthers still lost to the Chicago Bears

At this point, the Chicago Bears' draft position is more important than their pursuit of the playoffs. The team really has a chance to make the playoffs, but every slot that is higher for them in the draft order could be impactful. So, some fans were disappointed that the team won. The loss could have put them in the top five. Instead, they are drafting eighth. 

However, even those fans know that there is a massive silver lining. The Carolina Panthers still lost. Yes, it meant the Green Bay Packers won, but with the New England Patriots also winning a Christmas Eve away game against Denver, the Panthers now have a supremely high chance of picking first overall. If they lose one of their next two, it will happen. This is massive for the Bears. 

To be able to win and still claim the top pick in the draft goes a long way. It eases any issues that Chicago has with winning, even as they are still at eight overall. That is a reason to be happy.