3 biggest positives from Chicago Bears' win over Arizona Cardinals

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1. The Chicago Bears' defensive draft picks are ascending

The Chicago Bears have been on a mission to rebuild their secondary through the draft. There have been ups and downs for all of the names that they have drafted, but right now, things are trending up in a big way.

Kyler Gordon has been one of the best slot cornerbacks in the NFL since he returned from an injury in week five. He added a sack on Sunday and had a few solid plays in coverage. After a disaster in year one, the Bears moved him into the slot full-time, and has worked for the best. 

Jaquan Brisker had multiple injuries at the start of the year. However, since week 11, when he started to get himself healthier, he has played much better. His past three games may have been his best.

Tyrique Stevenson has had ups and downs, but he is clearly physical and attacks the football in the air. Then, there is Terell Smith, who is actually outshining Stevenson and eating into his snaps. In a passing league, you can never have too many cornerbacks. It is crazy to think that the Bears could have found two hits in the same draft, and they do not even know which one is better so far. 

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With Brisker and Gordon looking like hits as well, the Bears may be able to spend the offseason pursuing the trenches with no real concern about the secondary.