5 biggest questions that Chicago Bears must answer in second half of 2023 season

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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4. What will Justin Fields show the Chicago off of his injury?

The Chicago Bears have another big decision to make this offseason. However, last season, they wanted answers from Justin Fields, and this year, if they do not get answers, it is fair to understand why they would look to move on from him and bring in competition or draft his replacement. 

Justin Fields has to walk away from this season with no doubts that he can lead the Chicago Bears. That simply has not happened yet. However, as we noted, the offensive line may be in its best form when he returns. The run game looks as good as ever. When he got hurt, he was just getting into the groove with D.J. Moore. 

The defense should help as well. The stats are whatever. Can Justin Fields win more games than he loses in the next seven weeks? If that can happen, and the Bears finish 7-10, maybe he does keep his job. 3-4 down the stretch with things going his way may not be good enough. This will be fun to watch.