10 biggest questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Minnesota Vikings

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9. Can Justin Fields limit game-changing turnovers for the Chicago Bears?

Justin Fields got a chance to win the game on Monday night football, but it only came after he had two chances previously and blew them. The Bears would not even have needed a fourth-quarter comeback if Justin Fields had just held onto the football. The Bears were up 9-3 and had the ball approaching the red zone when Fields had his first fumble of the game. All Fields had to do was take a knee, and the Bears would have gone up 12-3 and likely won the game with ease. 

The fumble led to a Vikings touchdown, and a 12-3 potential lead turned into a 10-9 hole. Fields had a chance to rebound but fumbled on his first chance at a game-winning drive. If Minnesota got a first down, they would win, but they gained just one yard on three plays before punting. 

Fields got over the hump of making the pass in the clutch, but only after the same old Fields emerged in the same scenario. Against Tampa Bay and Denver, he had game-changing turnovers, and against the Lions, he immediately was strip-sacked when he had a chance to lead a last-second comeback. 

Fields has lost three fumbles since he returned from his thumb injury, and his turnover-worthy throw play rate is up nearly 2% from his career rate. He needs to protect the ball better.