10 biggest questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Minnesota Vikings

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7. Will we be seeing more Roschon Johnson for the Chicago Bears after the bye week?

It will be interesting to see what the Chicago Bears do out of the bye week. Before Khalil Herbert got hurt, he was the leading rusher. However, as the winter months have come, and as D’onta Foreman started to grind out yards, the Bears have decided to lean to a power back. 

That is why the Bears gave Roschon Johnson a lot more work than Herbert when D’onta Foreman went down this past week. Johnson was the early down grinder, but also the pass catching back, so Herbert really just came in for rotational work. 

There are now three ways that this could go. Herbert had a bad back injury, and they may have eased him back in. With the bye week, he could get back to his starting ways. Roschon Johnson is the rookie and is the future. He added the most as a pass catcher this week and that is what Chicago needs. The bye week is the perfect time for the rookie to get a breather and play better down the stretch. 

Lastly, Foreman had the job, and the run game looked the best with him before he went down. Why not just get back to him? Each will have a strong case to make after the bye.