10 biggest questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Minnesota Vikings

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2. How did Terell Smith look in place of Tyrique Stevenson?

The Chicago Bears started rookie Terell Smith in place of rookie Tyrique Stevenson. Smith was making his third career start, so it was worth following to see how he did. He spent most of the day on Jordan Addison, and while he gave up a few catches, PFF has him charted for five catches allowed for 33 yards against Addison. Overall he was credited for 45 yard allowed. 

Smith had a shot at an interception but dropped it. He also had eight tackles. His first two starts featured some impressive tackling attempts as well, and it is easy to say that Smith is willing to stick his helmet in there and make a play. Overall, the Bears have to be happy with what Smith has done in his limited time as a rookie. The injury status of Stevenson will dictate how much more he plays.