10 biggest questions facing Chicago Bears in 2023 season

Every position on the Chicago Bears roster has big questions that can be answered in the 2023 season?

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As we get ready for the start of the Chicago Bears season, there are plenty of questions to be asked about where the team stands and how the roster looks. What are the most pressing questions entering the 2023 season?

10. How much better can Kyler Gordon be for the Chicago Bears in the slot?

Nobody can deny that Kyler Gordon had a bad rookie season. From the second week against Aaron Rodgers through the end of his rookie season, teams picked on him, and he was giving up far too many completions.

He was juggling the slot and outside, which is plenty to ask from a rookie, let alone one who was struggling. So, this year, the plan is to make things easier on Gordon. They have hardly given him any snaps on the outside, and the thought is that he will only play the slot this year. They drafted Tyique Stevenson and gave him nearly every snap this preseason to make sure that he is ready to start on the outside. With Stevenson staying outside and Gordon staying in the slot, it could be for the best.

Slot cornerbacks play enough that the role is still very valuable. If Gordon struggles this season, they have to have serious concerns moving forward.