10 biggest questions facing Chicago Bears in 2023 season

Every position on the Chicago Bears roster has big questions that can be answered in the 2023 season?

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chase claypool, Chicago Bears

9. Will the Chicago Bears secondary wide receivers provide enough?

We do not have many questions about D.J. Moore. There have been reports about his leadership and his connection with Justin Fields, and we saw his dynamic athletic upside when he took a screen to the house in the preseason. One thing we did not see in the preseason was Darnell Mooney or Chase Claypool. So, the real question is, what we can get out of those two?

For Mooney, most of the questions are health-related. He is coming back from a serious injury that ended his season early and now has been slow to get back on the field. It is hard to see him hitting the ground running, but he could end up getting better as the season goes on.

Chase Claypool is a major unknown. His issues last year came down to a lack of time in the offense with Justin Fields, and he missed most of training camp and the preseason, so not much of that was resolved. The Chicago Bears could enter the season with major question marks, and potentially two major underperformers when you talk about Mooney and Claypool.