10 biggest questions facing Chicago Bears in 2023 season

Every position on the Chicago Bears roster has big questions that can be answered in the 2023 season?

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Jaquan Brisker, Chicago Bears
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8. Will Jaquan Brisker breakout and get national attention?

If you watched Jaquan Brisker in his rookie season you have to be impressed with the way he played. He was a stud tackler, blitzer, run stopper, and made plays on the football in coverage. When you compare his rookie season to recent safeties, the trajectory shows that he should start to get compared to some of the best safeties in the NFL.

At the safety position, they only see you on television so often, so the fanfare and national love can often take a little longer to kick in than other positions like running back. Still, this could be a year when Jaquan Brisker gets the national talk.

The defense in front of him should be improved, and so should he. He has the do-it-all style that can win games, and if the team wins games, media attention will shift to Brisker. Brisker may not make the All-Pro unless he really breaks out, but just a step forward next year should put him in that type of conversation. Will he take that step?