10 biggest questions facing Chicago Bears in 2023 season

Every position on the Chicago Bears roster has big questions that can be answered in the 2023 season?

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Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds
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4. Can the Chicago Bears linebackers really take things to the next level?

The Chicago Bears had the most cap space in the NFL. They could have gone in so many different directions as a team-building philosophy. They went with paying two big-name linebackers. T.J. Edwards was a fine deal and a bargain, but that allowed the team to pay up for Tremaine Edmunds.

Edmunds could be good, but he has to be great for this to work. If he struggles, the thought will be that an offensive lineman, edge rusher, or interior rusher could have been helping with that money. Beyond that, the excuse of a lack of pass rush goes away when you are making what the big-name pass rushers would be making.

The Chicago Bears trust Matt Eberflus and his linebacker background to get the most out of Edmunds. Will it work out?