3 biggest things Chicago Bears must see from Justin Fields in final five games

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1. Can the Chicago Bears win more than they lose with Justin Fields down the stretch

This one is relatively simple. The Chicago Bears need to win more with Justin Fields as their quarterback. They have been 1-1 with him since he returned and have played their best football in recent weeks. Even before he got injured, he just guided the Bears to their first win of the season. Still, he is 2-6 in starts this year, and 2-5 if you exclude the Vikings game that he was injured in. 

We need to see him finish a lot stronger. The Bears have five games, and with teams like the Cardinals and Falcons, they will be expected to win or be in those games until the end. The Packers in week 18 could be a statement game, and even the winning record teams like the Browns and Lions have issues. The Browns do not have a quarterback, and Chicago almost beat Detroit already. 

There are five winnable games. If Justin Fields starts 3-2 after the bye, he would be 4-3 after his injury. That is a sign of progress. 

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If Fields comes back, the Bears have a soft schedule, and they are fully healthy, but they still have a losing record in his seven games as the starter. The Bears have to realize he is not the man. One win against a division rival is good, but we need to see at least three more before this is even a discussion.