4 Biggest turkeys on the Chicago Bears roster this Thanksgiving

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair
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3. The Chicago Bears center position has provided nothing 

Easily, the most disappointing position on the roster is center. It is easy to get mad at Cody Whitehair and Lucas Patrick, who are the turkeys of the season. However, this had to be expected. Maybe Ryan Poles did not know because he did not watch Cody Whitehair like Bears fans did, but it was pretty clear that 2022 was the cliff season for Whitehair, and anyone could see him falling off in 2023. 

Anyone but the Bears General Manager, who is now eating about $10M in cap space to watch Whitehair ride out the bench. Whitehair played through injury so much during his career that his body gave out. Respect him, but this was not his year. 

Lucas Patrick is worse because the team should not have had any commitment to him. He was just a good friend of Luke Getsy from their Packers days. For two years, he has been below average or injured. 

The Bears have four positions on the offensive line that looks good. Then, they have the center position. That has been the most annoying part of the Chicago Bears' path towards progress.