4 Biggest turkeys on the Chicago Bears roster this Thanksgiving

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Chicago Bears, Velus Jones Jr.
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2. The Chicago Bears finally gave up on Velus Jones

Velus Jones has given the Chicago Bears next to nothing, and it looks like his career with the team is coming to a close. Jones was always considered a reach when the Bears drafted him in the third round. He hardly produced in college, and some of his best plays were jet sweeps and kick returns. 

From the first time he tried to return punts, he had issues. Kick returns slowly became less relevant in the NFL, and all of a sudden the special teams impact that Jones brought as a floor was gone. Without a floor, he had better provide a ceiling. Instead, he showed he cannot play NFL wide receiver. 

The Bears hardly asked him to run routes, and when they did, he dropped passes. With a drop for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys last year and the Chargers this year, there has been enough evidence that he simply cannot do it. 

Tyler Scott, who is about four years younger and was drafted two rounds after Jones in the following draft, is already a much more polished wideout, and it is not like he is setting the world on fire. 

Jones has been inactive for three straight weeks, and it is hard to find any reason for him to get back on the field this year.