4 Biggest turkeys on the Chicago Bears roster this Thanksgiving

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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1. Matt Eberflus is the Chicago Bears' biggest turkey

Okay, he is not on the roster, but he is on the payroll, and it is obvious who the biggest turkey on the Chicago Bears is. Matt Eberflus has to get fired this season because this year is more pivotal than any other in Bears’ history. The team actually has some building blocks in place, they have plenty of cap space, and they have an amazing heap of draft assets. Any coach would love to come into this situation. They cannot waste that on Eberflus. 

Eberflus is shorthanded due to his staff falling apart, but he put the staff together. He signed the big name free agent Tremaine Edmunds to fill his MIKE role. As the former linebackers coach, that unit is the worst on the roster, with the most resources poured into it. 

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The Bears have seen their penalties and missed tackles go up under Eberflus. They cannot win in the division; they cannot win close games. Matt Eberflus is arguably the worst coach in the NFL, and there are plenty of bad ones. The loss to the Detroit Lions encapsulated all of the issues he brings. Will the Bears make the right move this offseason?