You can't blame Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus

The losing that the Chicago Bears have had goes beyond the Matt Eberflus.
Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears
Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Like most NFL franchises, the Chicago Bears have their highs and lows. From the 1985 Chicago Bears to 3-win seasons, we've seen it all. While Bears head coach Matt Eberflus hasn't gotten the job done, all the blame can't go to him.

It's nice to think they can turn things around, go on a winning streak, and make the playoffs as a Wild Card team, but it just doesn't seem likely.

Eberflus is 27 games into his Bears tenure and has accumulated a 6-27 record (22% win rate). Hired based on his defense experience, the Bears were the worst defense in the league last season and it looks like they'll be around the bottom again this year. Going off of those numbers alone, you could make the argument that he's the worst coach in Bears history.

It's entirely possible he'll be gone after this season. Even with all this stacked against Eberflus, it's not all his fault. The Bears have bigger problems on their hands.

Remember when the Bears hired John Fox in 2015 to rebuild the team? Fox is one of the only coaches in NFL history to lead two different franchises to the Super Bowl (2003 Carolina Panthers, 2013 Denver Broncos). Fox was one of the finest coaches in the league at the time.

Instead of building a winner, he was out after three seasons with a 14-34 record. Yes, Fox wasn't the same anymore at 60, but his track record of success elsewhere and his losing record with the Bears says a lot.

It looks like Eberflus will be fired just like Fox. So after this season, what's next for the Bears?

Do they hire offensive coordinators like Washington Commanders' Eric Bienemy or Detroit Lions' sensation Ben Johnson to be head coach? Do they get Jim Harbaugh out of college and back to the pros? Can anyone fix this team?

Eberflus isn't the problem. It's much bigger than that. The real problem is the Bears ownership. If the Bears want to get better, the owners need to sell the team. It might be tough to admit, but it's the best thing for the Bears.

The ownership's mismanagement has hurt the team. We're talking about an ownership group that is considering moving the team to Arlington Heights! It's time for a change.


When the Bears ownership sells the team, maybe the team will turn around. Until then, it's difficult to hire a head coach who can build a winner in the Windy City.