10 bold predictions for Chicago Bears in 2023

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Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears
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1. Jaylon Johnson triples his career interception total

Jaylon Johnson is due a contract at the end of this season, and things will get interesting in the discussions. Johnson is right on that edge where he is considered a lower-end number one guy or a high-end number two. It makes it challenging because he will not set the market, and the team needs to find a happy medium.

One thing that has kept Johnson from taking that step towards above average is the lack of plays on the football. Johnson has just one interception during the entirety of his career. So, again, it sounds bold to say that he will triple it, but three interceptions are only bold for one season because he has gone so long without one.

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What is funny is that Jaylon Johnson gets his hands on plenty of footballs. He is above average at passes defended. He just has not turned them into interceptions. There could be a time when this comes back around, and the ball bounces his way. All of those batted passes come back and turn into a pick or two. This will go a long way in the perception of Johnson.