10 bold predictions for Chicago Bears in 2023

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Chicago Bears, Jaquan Brisker
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5. Jaquan Brisker gets national attention

This one is not nearly as bold as some of the others. Maybe if I said first-team All-Pro it would be a bit more bold, but for now, this is at least interesting enough and realistic enough. Jaquan Brisker was excellent in his rookie season with the Chicago Bears.

He played deep, and in the box, he made plays on the ball in the air, and when the quarterback still had the ball in his hands. He led the Chicago Bears in sacks and was second behind Nicholas Morrow in tackles. Jaquan Brisker was everywhere. So, how does he follow it up in year two?

The good news for Brisker is that he is playing in the same defense, so he can continue to grow, and the defense around him is getting better. The pass rush is not great but improved, and the run defense should be much improved. It will allow Brisker to be more of a playmaker and will let him to stick to what he is best at. This may give us the best of Brisker.

Brisker fell off a bit in the last few weeks so the hype around him is completely gone. By the end of the 2023 season, fans and media will be looking at him in the same way they look at the elite safeties in the NFL.