5 bold predictions for Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers

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The Chicago Bears host the Carolina Panthers in a game that will not be popular nationally, but there are plenty of storylines to watch locally. We have had some success making bold calls about the Bears games In the past, so why not make this game more fun by looking for a few outlandish outcomes? What could happen?

5. The Chicago Bears will not allow a sack to the Carolina Panthers

If you have not watched the Chicago Bears, you will know that they take a lot of sacks. Chicago ranks fourth in the NFL in sacks taken. However, on the flip side is the Carolina Panthers, who rank 26th in sacks created on defense. So, the movable force meets the movable object; who wins? 

The Chicago Bears should have the advantage. First, while he has recorded five sacks himself, Tyson Bagent is better at avoiding sacks compared to Justin Fields. Bagent has a 4.3% sack rate this year, while Justin Fields is at 12.9%. Fields take a sack under pressure at 22.8% of the time this season, while Bagent is at 13.9%, per PFF. So, Bagent takes sacks about 8% more overall, and that is because when he is under pressure, he is sacked about 8% less. The Bears sack numbers should improve, even if the line does not. 

The line has. Braxton Jones is back, which is key. More than that, Carolina is losing Brian Burns for this game. Burns leads the Panthers in pressures and has five sacks this year. The Panthers second and third edge rushers were already out with Justin Houston and Yetur Gross-Matos. These two have three sacks combined. If you take away Burns, the Panthers drop to 31st in sacks, and if you take away the three sacks from those two, they are the worst in the NFL. They are going to be starting Amare Barno and DJ Johnson in most cases, and neither has the experience or reputation to get after the quarterback. 

The Chicago Bears offensive line is improving, and Tyson Bagent is getting better at avoiding sacks. The Carolina Panthers defense is getting worse and is in a bad spot. Look for the Bears to have their best game of the season from a pass protection standpoint.