5 bold predictions for Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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1. The Chicago Bears will get the best out of Gervon Dexter

The last time the Chicago Bears played on Thursday Night Football, it was the best game of the rookie Gervon Dexter’s career. Now, Dexter has a chance to repeat. This is bold because Dexter has actually seen his snap counts go down since then. He has hardly progressed. However, this week is all about the progression.

First, the Bears do not like playing him on obvious run-downs. They value his pass rush more than his run defense at this point. So, in games against New Orleans and Los Angeles, where they trailed the entire second half, Dexter did not play. The Bears are favored this week. They should win, and Dexter should get chances to get after Bryce Young in the second half. 

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Better than that, he gets a great matchup. He will spend most of the night on Calvin Throckmorton if he does play. That is the weakest protector on the Panthers line, and he is hardly an NFL starter. The Chicago Bears have to get Dexter matched up against him. They have to see what he can do. Dexter has to beat him for a couple of pressures. This could be a career game for the rookie from Florida.