5 bold predictions for Chicago Bears in final seven games of 2023 season

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 3-7 after ten games. They are at a point where they have a few extra days off, and with ten games being around the halfway point of the season, it is a nice mid-way break. So, what are some bold predictions for the team after this point in the season? What could happen in the final seven games?

5. The Chicago Bears own pick will be outside the top ten 

One of the big talking points around the Chicago Bears towards the end of the season will be their draft position. They have a chance to own two very high draft picks because they not only have their own, but they also have the Carolina Panthers. 

As we sit right now, the Panthers will give the Bears the first overall pick, and the Bears will pick fifth. A bold prediction is that the Bears will go from picking fifth right now to picking tenth or later when the draft rolls around. 

The team is playing better in recent weeks than they did to start the year. This goes well beyond quarterback, so while Tyson Bagent is 2-2 as a starter, it is fair to think that Justin Fields can keep that quality of play going. 

The defense is getting healthy and got upgraded, the offensive line is looking better, the Bears could finish stronger than they started. 

If the Chicago Bears can finish the season 4-3, they will be on a similar trajectory to recent weeks. That would put them at 7-10 on the season. Last year, the teams with 7-10 records were in that nine through 11 range. This seems realistic for the Bears.

Right now, the team picking 14th has four wins, just one more than the Bears. There will be some teams who flounder to finish the year, so if they finish strong, it could be outside the top ten. We better hope the Carolina Panthers continue to struggle.