5 bold predictions for Chicago Bears in final seven games of 2023 season

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Montez Sweat
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1. The Chicago Bears will more than double their sack total

The Chicago Bears currently sit in 32nd place with 13 sacks this season. The only way to go from here is up, but it is fair to think that the team can pull that off. They may not only improve their pass rush, they could easily double their 10-game production in the final seven games. How about 17 sacks in the final games after 13 in the first 10 to get us to an even 30?

The main reason is Montez Sweat. He has 6.5 in eight games, so if he could get similar in the final seven, it would go a long way. Still, it is also his addition that makes everyone better. 

Yannick Ngakoue no longer gets the extra attention, and he is better as the second rusher. DeMarcus Walker will slide inside and get more pressure up the gut. 

More than that, Justin Jones is playing for a contract this offseason, and the rookies Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens need to show progress. Lastly, as we noted, Kyler Gordon has started to gain respect as a pass rusher and could help the Bears' cause in this area. 

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The Bears' defense was not ready to get after it in the first couple of months, but they have slowly built this unit up. The sacks have to come a lot more frequently in the back seven games of the year.