4 Bold predictions for Chicago Bears vs Las Vegas Raiders Week 7

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The Chicago Bears game against the Las Vegas Raiders will feature some scouting for the future and the hopes for an entertaining game. So why not get bold with it? What are some bold predictions for the Raiders at the Bears week seven?

4. D.J. Moore will go over 100 yards for the Chicago Bears

D.J. Moore has been known to hit 100 yards, but this is a little different with Tyson Bagent at quarterbacks. Fans do not know what to expect, and fantasy football managers have to wonder if they should bench the star wide receiver. Right now, it looks like he is in a good matchup, regardless of the quarterback.

He has played with bad quarterbacks before; that was a staple of his career back with the Carolina Panthers. We have seen him succeed with Kyle Allen, so why not Bagent? Bagent threw 14 passes on Sunday in his debut, and he targeted Moore six times. Moore will get work.

More than that, the Raiders secondary is weak. D.J. Moore already exposed one rookie in Emmanuel Forbes on the Commanders, and now he gets Jakorian Bennett, who went later in the draft and is having issues as well. If not Bennett, it will be Marcus Peters, who looks two steps slower than we remember him.

D.J. Moore is the type of wide receiver to turn a five-yard screen into a 30-yard gain, especially if it is someone like Peters coming up and missing a tackle. Look for Moore to continue to play well and carry Tyson Bagent. If Bagent gets over 100 yards passing, Moore will have a big day as well.