4 Bold predictions for Chicago Bears vs Las Vegas Raiders Week 7

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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders, Maxx Crosby
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3. The Chicago Bears will keep Maxx Crosby without a sack

I said we are getting bold, so let's get bold. Maxx Crosby has only gone one game without a sack this season. With a rookie UDFA at quarterback, how can he not get home against the Chicago Bears? This could be a defining moment for Darnell Wright.

First, Crosby has been excellent, but he has beaten up on some weak tackles. Mike McGlinchey, Spencer Brown, Chukwuma Okorafor, Trey Pipkins, Zach Tom, and Vedarian Lowe are the linemen that he has faced.

According to PFF, the only lineman that Crosby has faced better than rookie Darnell Wright is Spencer Brown and Zach Tom. Brown is one of the linemen who held him without a sack. Still, it is not saying that Crosby is bad or Wright is a great tackle right now. Still, this will be one of his toughest matchups.

On the flip side, Wright has squared off with some big names. He saw Rashad Gary, Shaq Barrett, Chris Jones, Montez Sweat and Danielle Hunter. Crosby may be one of the best he sees, but he comes in more battle-tested.

Lastly, the Raiders defensive line is not the most imposing. They have Crosby and then some question marks, especially across from Crosby. So, the chips, double teams, and protections will all shift to Crosby. Yes, this happens every week, but when you combine Wright playing well and Tyson Bagent being known to get the ball out quickly, there is a chance that we see Crosby held in check this week.