3 bold predictions for Chicago Bears quarterbacks in 2023

Bold predictions for Justin Fields, P.J. Walker and Nathan Peterman

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Nathan Peterman, Chicago Bears
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1. Nathan Peterman beats out Tyson Bagent for the Chicago Bears third quarterback

Fans do not want this one to come to fruition, but it is probably more likely than a lot of them want to realize. That is because Peterman has experience while Bagent does not. For the fans, they have seen Peterman and know that it will not end well. However, the coaches see Peterman and know what they are getting. They think they can manage him.

With Tyson Bagent, he is exciting to the fans. He is from a small school, so a lot of what he brings to the table is unknown. However, the coaches do not know what he would do if he got on the field, and they do not like that.

In all realities, Peterman is just an extra coach, and Bagent is a project. The team does not want to see either, and it would have to be an in-game emergency for either to play. During the week, the team would sign someone to keep both quarterbacks in their spots.

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However, Bagent knows that his best chance is to stay with Luke Getsy, whom he signed with after playing for him in the Senior Bowl. The Bears know that no one will claim him because of how raw he is. They know that for how raw he is, he will struggle to beat out Peterman. For one more year, he will be the Chicago Bears third-string quarterback.