3 bold predictions for Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears
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2. Jaylon Johnson gets an interception for the Chicago Bears

This is one heck of a bold call. Jaylon Johnson is in his fourth season and has just three career interceptions. All of his interceptions came in 2021 as well. So, this would be a bit of a surprise. This is even more bold when you figure that Jaylon Johnson will follow Mike Evans this week.

The Chicago Bears trust Johnson to follow Evans and thus make life easier on rookie Tyrique Stevenson. This is assuming Chris Godwin plays more slot due to the injury to Kyler Gordon. If that is the case then Evans may end up getting the better of Johnson on a play or two here and there. At the same time, it could give Johnson the chance to make a few plays on the ball.

Baker Mayfield won his first start with the Bucs, but this is not some Geno Smith redemption season for him. We know who he is, and he has bounced around the NFL for a reason. One reason is that he forces the ball too much and can get locked into one spot. This could mean jamming the ball to Evans because he is that type of target, even if he is not open. If Mayfield is forcing passes, and he is Mayfield, one of them could get picked. That would be where Jaylon Johnson starts his contract negotiations off on the right foot.