3 bold predictions for Chicago Bears in week 1 against Green Bay Packers

A big play comes from the star wide receiver, the defense makes key plays, and the offensive line shuffling continues

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The Chicago Bears kicking off the season with the Green Bay Packers is exciting but also as nervewracking as it gets. This is the start of the season, so anything can happen from here, and beyond that, what happens in week one may not even be a theme for what we see the rest of the season, or at least as the year goes on.

What are bold predictions that we may see in week one that will cause over reactions?

3. D.J. Moore will score from 50 yards out for the Chicago Bears week one

This would have fans losing their minds. Still, the first time we saw D.J. Moore in a Chicago Bears uniform, he took a screen more than 50 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. That was all the Bears needed to see for that game, and if that is the type of instant impact that he give this offense, things could be fun this season.

It may or may not be a trend, but the hot hand stays hot on the first game of the season. What is great about Moore is that he has a skill set that allows him to do it all. He has won over the middle, we saw him score on a screen, but he is also one of the best deep ball targets in the NFL. It may not be Moore catching and running on this one; he may be able to snag a Justin Fields bomb.

When you think of the Green Bay Packers cornerbacks, they have the talent, but their safety duo is not nearly as good. So, big plays could leak over the top. Beyond that, when you have a big arm thrower in Justin Fields and a deep ball tracker in D.J. Moore, things can happen fast.