5 bounce back candidates on the Chicago Bears

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Considering the Chicago Bears had such a lousy year, plenty of players could be listed as bounceback candidates. However, at the same time, the roster did flip a lot, and plenty of the reason for optimism is because of the new names brought in.

Who are players on the Chicago Bears that stuck around through the rebuild and now may play better because of more stable names around them?

5. Chase Claypool is a prime bounce back option for the Chicago Bears

If there is anyone who will be a bounceback candidate, it is Chase Claypool. To be fair, his third season was starting to be his worst with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Still, changing teams on the fly and picking up a new playbook could not be easy. Not to mention it was the first year of Luke Getsy calling plays, he was shuffling offensive linemen, and they just lost Darnell Mooney.

He went from 54 yards per game as a rookie to 57 and down to 30 yards per game, and that is with 20 yards per game on the Chicago Bears.

We never saw Chase Claypool in what he can be for the Chicago Bears. The most obvious statement there is that Claypool will be better this year than he was last year. It cannot get much worse. However, the question is how much better will he be? What would constitute him bouncing back, or would he just have to have a better year than last to say that he bounces back?

That is up for debate, and with DJ Moore in the mix, they probably do not expect him to be a top target. Beyond that, if he has a good season, that may price him out of Chicago after the year. Still, that would be a good problem to have for the Chicago Bears at this point.