5 bounce back candidates on the Chicago Bears

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3. Will Trevis Gipson be better with the Chicago Bears improved depth?

One of the bigger disappointments from a team that ended with the worst record in the NFL was Trevis Gipson. Gipson got a chance to prove that he could be a trusted piece of this defense moving forward, and he did nothing to solidify that spot. In fact, he did the exact opposite.

The Chicago Bears traded Robert Quinn, opening a heap of snaps for Gipson. However, the attention that went from Quinn to Gipson completely erased the extra snaps that Gipson was getting. His win rate plummeted, and despite playing less, his stats got much worse.

So, the first way to think of this is that the Chicago Bears added Rasheem Green, and DeMarcus Walker, meaning that Gipson is being pushed down. However, at the same time, these two are not elite but good enough to give the group needed depth and take some attention away from Gipson.

If Gipson can go back into a role where he is occasionally rushing and is not the top man, it may end with the Chicago Bears getting the same, or even better than some of his peak play, the play that led the team to give him that chance last season.

Gipson may not even lead the team in rushing snaps, but he still has a legitimate chance to be one of the top sack-getters. He went from seven sacks in 2021 to three last season. A jump back to seven would be huge, and anything more than that would be more than a bounceback. We will see if less attention gets more sacks, even with fewer snaps.