5 bounce back candidates on the Chicago Bears

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Cody whitehair, Chicago Bears
Cody whitehair, Chicago Bears / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

2. Chicago Bears need a bounceback from Cody Whitehair

The 2023 season of Cody Whitehair can go all kinds of directions. When you add up his age, his recent play, his injury history and a change in positions you see that there are plenty of varying factors from this one.

The easy thought is that the last time Whitehair played center, it was not great, but it probably was better than Sam Mustipher. However, at the same time, the last time he played center Matt Nagy moved him to left guard because he was struggling.

More than that, that was in 2020. In 2021he played left guard. He was fine, but he suffered multiple injuries, and tried to play through them in 2020, and his play just did not look the same in 2021. Then, in 2022 he missed five games, the most he has missed with injury.

So, 2020 was injuries and moving away from center, 2021 was a down year, and 2022 was more injuries. This is not what you want from a 31-year old and the starting center on your roster. Still, the bounce back is a huge possibility after the past few seasons.

If he can stay healthy, it is a clear upgrade at center, and from there, the rest is gravy. If the Chicago Bears do not get the bounceback from Whitehair, they are going to have some serious questions.