Breaking down the Chicago Bears trades involving Chase Claypool

Just how bad was the Chase Claypool trade for the Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Ryan Poles moves on from his mistake

The Chicago Bears finally ended their massive drought by beating the Commanders on Thursday. Justin Fields and DJ Moore were dominant. This marks two weeks in a row that Justin Fields has looked like the player most thought he could be. Over the last two weeks, Fields has averaged 308 passing yards, 4 touchdowns and 0.5 an interception. He's also averaged just over 40 yards per game rushing. It's probably a coincidence or the fact that Chicago faced two of the worst defenses in the league, but it's telling just how different the offense looks without Claypool.

It's frustrating that a mistake of this magnitude took place to begin with, but I love that Ryan Poles admits when he makes mistakes. Rather than just holding onto Claypool, Ryan Poles finds a way to move on from Chase Claypool. Trading a seventh-round pick in 2025 in order to move into the sixth-round means very little, but it's better than just cutting him.

Now, the question is, will Ryan Poles learn from his mistake regarding the head coach? Does this mean that the Chicago Bears are more likely to move on from Matt Eberflus this year than we thought? Even if it's at the end of the season, I have to think that Poles has shown the ability to move on from mistakes he's made. We saw it with the release of P.J. Walker. We saw it with the release of Alex Leatherwood. Now, we might need to see it again with Matt Eberflus. Will he do it?


All-in-all though, this new trade was nothing more than meh. Or as I originally said, a tuna salad sandwich.