5 breakout candidates for the Chicago Bears

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4. Justin Fields has everything in place to breakout for the Chicago Bears

Some will say that Justin Fields broke out last year, and that is probably true in fantasy football. However, as a passer, and a player who can win the game for his team, there is still a long way to go. Beyond that, he does not have national respect, and the team still is not committed to him long-term. All of this can change quickly in 2023.

The reality is that if Justin Fields does not break out in 2023, it may not happen. It is not to say that the situation is perfect, but it is all lining up for him. With Chase Claypool, Tyler Scott, and D.J. Moore added to Darnell Mooney, there is no doubt the pass catchers upgraded. Even Robert Tonyan and Roschon Johnson will have underrated value in propping Fields up.

Speaking of keeping Fields up, the Chicago Bears did an excellent job of adding some offensive linemen and coming into 2023 with a much better group up front. Lastly, Fields has had the same coordinator for back-to-back years. So, for the first time in the NFL, he gets to build off of what he learned and not learn something new on the fly.

When you put all that together, there is reason to believe that he can excel. He has to do this on his own, too. He has to be more decisive, he has to stand in the pocket without scrambling, and he has to take fewer sacks. Still, if some of those things improve by a bit, and his weapons improved by a bit, it can add to a giant leap forward for Justin Fields.

Can his play as a winning quarterback match his play on fantasy football rosters? That will make him a breakout player.