10 burning questions that must be answered in Chicago Bears second preseason game

-What kind of roles are the Chicago Bears rookies in?

-Who is winning the depth battles?

-How much will the starters play?

-Which players may lose their starting jobs?

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7. Are the early round rookies ready to show progress?

One of the big notes from the preseason is always the development of the rookies. The four rookies who dominated the early part of the 2023 NFL draft saw heavy workloads in their NFL debuts. Darnell Wright got the standard starter treatment, while Zacch Pickens and Gervon Dexter were backups together and closed out the half. Tyrique Stevenson played as much as anybody as the team looked to see if he could start in week one. Now, all four need to build off of their first week.

The interior defensive lineman has the most areas to improve in. They both were up and down, although Pickens had a few more ups. Still, we want to see both of them prove that they can get into rotational roles in week one. Stevenson is a good start or two in the preseason away from locking down the outside cornerback job if he has not won it already.

Then, there is Wright. You would assume at one point in the next two weeks, we will see Justin Fields and the starters for more than seven snaps. Wright showed a glimpse, but it was so early and we need to see so much more. These four will be major players to watch.