10 burning questions that must be answered in Chicago Bears second preseason game

-What kind of roles are the Chicago Bears rookies in?

-Who is winning the depth battles?

-How much will the starters play?

-Which players may lose their starting jobs?

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4. Can Noah Sewell push Jack Sanborn to start for the Chicago Bears?

An underrated storyline from this summer has been how good Noah Sewell has been. He has been a professional who hit the ground running and has not looked back. The issue for him is that he has been unable to turn that into a starting role.

The Chicago Bears told Jack Sanborn that his injury would not cost him his job, and they held the job for him. However, what will be interesting to watch is what happens without Tremaine Edmunds. Edmunds has not practiced in a couple of weeks, and he will not play this weekend.

When he missed the preseason opener, it was Sanborn who stepped into his role. This is interesting in two different ways. First, Sanborn is ahead of Sewell. However, Sewell will then slide into the starting SAM role, which would technically be where Sanborn starts when Edmunds is healthy.

If Sewell flashes in this role, does he find a way to sneak up on Sanborn, or does Sanborn keep his job because of technicalities of injury to himself and Edmunds?