10 burning questions Chicago Bears must answer in week one

There are questions at every position when the Chicago Bears kick off their season against the Green Bay Packers

Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears are essentially a new team compared to just one year ago. So, there is a fair expectation that we will be seeing some new things when the team takes the field to start the 2023 season. What are some of the biggest questions that we can start to find an answer to when the Bears host the Green Bay Packers week one?

10. How improved is the Chicago Bears run defense?

If the Chicago Bears went out of their way to sure up one thing on defense, it was the run defense. Some fans were disappointed by the lack of a pass rush added before Yannick Ngakoue. While Gervon Dexter has pass-rush upside, Zacch Pickens is a run-stopper first. Andrew Billings is known for his run defense, and both DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green have kept careers in the NFL because of their run defense more than their pass rusher.

When you add in that the Bears paid big at linebacker, it is easy to see that they wanted to address this area and let the pass rush develop. So, the Green Bay Packers will be as good of a test as any.

They have a solid interior offensive line, but there is at least some sorting. Still, the Packers have a rushing attack that they know how to use with or without Aaron Rodgers. In fact, the Packers being without Rodgers not only has the Packers incentivized to run the ball more, it also adds Jordan Love, a quarterback who can add to the run game himself.

If the Chicago Bears run game is better, we will see it early on in this game. If not, the Packers will control things.