10 burning questions Chicago Bears must answer in week one

There are questions at every position when the Chicago Bears kick off their season against the Green Bay Packers

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1. Can Braxton Jones hold down the Chicago Bears offensive line?

Whether the Chicago Bears win or not will almost assuredly come down to Justin Fields. However, how well Fields plays will almost assuredly come down to Braxton Jones. Jones has to hold down the left side of the offensive line.

As we noted, almost everywhere else is a question mark. Cody Whitehair spent the summer at center just to move back. Lucas Patrick thought he would be a backup and has been injured most of the summer. Nate Davis has hardly practiced. Darnell Wright is a rookie and gets the Packers' best edge rusher.

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This means that Braxton Jones has to hold this thing down. He does not get Gary, so he will not get the help. He is the most consistent name in the starting lineup and the only one without real questions coming out of training camp. It is a lot to ask from your former fifth-round pick entering his second year, but he has to be the stabling force. His play in this game will dictate the outcome as much as any Chicago Bears player.