10 burning questions Chicago Bears must answer in week one

There are questions at every position when the Chicago Bears kick off their season against the Green Bay Packers

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Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair
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4. Is the Chicago Bears interior offensive line ready to sort itself out?

The Chicago Bears interior offensive line in week one will not be what they wanted it to be when they left the NFL draft, or when they left OTAs or even the first preseason game. Still, the injury to Teven Jenkins threw a wrench into things.

Not only will Jenkins miss time, but Cody Whitehair has a hand injury that is preventing him from playing center. The Bears may have wanted to shift Whitehair back to guard anyway, but now they have an excuse to do it. So, it leaves Lucas Patrick next to Whitehair and Nate Davis, who has hardly practiced with the team all summer.

Davis has about a week to get used to Patrick and has not had much time with rookie Darnell Wright, either. It is a lot to expect Davis to hit the ground running. It is a lot to ask Cody Whitehair to do this position dance every single year, and now it is a lot to ask Lucas Patrick to stay healthy when he hardly has been able to.

Something tells me that Dan Feeney, who was just acquired from the Jets, will have to see the field sooner than later. It could be at any of the interior spots, too.