10 burning questions emerging from Chicago Bears week one loss against Green Bay Packers

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6. Were the Chicago Bears linebackers bad investments?

Tremaine Edmunds and T.J. Edwards were the big signings this offseason. Edwards looked like a savvy move, but coupled with Edmunds, it looked like overkill and a lot of resources dedicated to the position. So, the Chicago Bears needed to get some game-changing type of play out of this duo. That simply did not happen in week one.

Edmunds was fine and made a play or two. However, he also hesitated on a play or two and plays that could have been losses ended up as small gains. These are the plays that he has to make to justify that salary. Edwards was left out to dry by Aaron Jones in coverage.

Edwards was solid behind the Eagles' elite defensive line, but with the Chicago Bears not getting to the quarterback fast enough, he was exposed. To pay that much, the Chicago Bears duo at linebacker needed so much more than what we saw on Sunday. Were either of them worth it, or were the Chicago Bears just wrong from the start?