10 burning questions emerging from Chicago Bears week one loss against Green Bay Packers

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5. Why did the Chicago Bears not target D.J. Moore more?

After the preseason, this is the most shocking. No, we did not expect D.J. Moore to turn every screen into a touchdown. However, the Chicago Bears targeting Moore on a screen for the first drive of the preseason was supposed to be a sign that this offense would run through Moore.

However, the first quarter ended, and you forgot that Moore was on the team. It took until a few minutes into the second quarter for him to catch a pass, and he hardly did anything after a quick sequence of catches.

This simply cannot be what the Chicago Bears do this season. They have to target Moore, no matter who is covering him. He has to be given the chance to make plays. Beyond that, where were the screens, or even an end around just to get him going? When he touched the ball, he helped move the chains and get the team in scoring range. That should happen more. Hopefully, the team learned their lesson and this change will happen soon.