10 burning questions emerging from Chicago Bears week one loss against Green Bay Packers

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4. Will the Chicago Bears run defense actually improve this year?

As we noted, the Chicago Bears' pass defense was actually ok. Aaron Jones did so much damage after the catch, and the real issue was that the defensive line was still a major issue for the Chicago Bears.

One thing that has to be alarming is that the run defense did not look much better despite serious investment in it. The Chicago Bears opted against pass rush for it. Rasheem Green and DeMarcus Walker were both better run defenders than pass rushers. They also fit the scheme of Matt Eberflus.

They were two of the worst players in Sunday's game. They passed on Jalen Carter and drafted Zacch Pickens and Gervon Dexter, who struggled to get on the field in their rookie debuts. Andrew Billings made some noise, but as we already mentioned, the linebacker play could have been much better.

They invested so much in getting better in this area, but Jones 4.6 yards per carry and only needed nine carries. The push upfront was skewing heavily to the Green Bay Packers. Will this be the trend all season?