C.J. Stroud dunks on Aaron Rodgers with a spicy take that Bears fans will adore

Ha Ha! Yes!
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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Look, I know how this works. A bunch of Packers fans are going to read this headline on a Bears' blog and get all riled up On The Web. They'll QT it and mock it and then log on to their anonymous Facebook accounts to comment about how stupid I am and how Rodgers isn't even in the same class as the Bears, all phrased in a wonderfully poetic way that'd get them fired if their employer saw. It's a tale as old as time, and time – as we all know – is a flat circle. Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears, count the rings, etc.

And by count the rings, what I actually mean is count the ring. Because Aaron Rodgers only won a Super Bowl once with Green Bay. That's especially interesting to lots of people, including Texans quarterback CJ Stroud. Stroud was recently on a podcast (obviously) where he was talking about his admiration for Rams' QB Matt Stafford. After a little bit of praise for Stafford, Stroud takes a hard right and brings Rodgers into the conversation – but in the most personally fulfilling way possible for Bears fans.

"If you gave Matthew Stafford a chance like Aaron Rodgers had, I guarantee you that he might have had more rings," Stroud said. "I'd say he would have like, three or four."

Music to my ears. And the way Stroud says it with such confidence only makes it better. 3 or 4! Hell yes. The best part of this argument is that it's totally unprovable, so I'm allowed to believe it with all my heart. In this scenario, does that mean Aaron Rodgers spent most of his career on some of the worst Lions teams of all time? Because that would also be of interest to me.

First the Texans gift the Bears Caleb Williams, and now they gift the Bears a new argument to lean into with every ounce of their being. Shoutout to them.