Caleb Williams and the Weird History of Chicago Bears First Overall Picks

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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Where Will Caleb Williams Rank in All-Time Chicago Bears First Overall Selections?

Coming back to the year 2024, it is easy to say that Caleb Williams has the title of "best first overall pick in Chicago Bears history" essentially in the bag. Obviously, the comparison between a superstar in Williams and the stars of the 1940s collegiate landscape is not exactly apples to apples, but it is perhaps not much more outlandish than other comparisons that Willaims is soon to face.

In some ways, it is extremely natural to find patterns between players and compare individuals in seemingly similar situations, but it is hard to do so fairly. For example, comparing Williams to someone like Peyton Manning, who entered the NFL over 25 years ago, is fruitless as so much has changed since then, both on and off the field.

Williams's time in Chicago is about to start, so instead of focusing on the players around the league that he should be held against, it is perhaps a better idea to appreciate the quarterback who is in such a unique position. No player in the long, lauded history of the team has had the opportunity that Williams will soon have in front of him to step in and immediately become the face of the franchise at the most important position, and it will be exciting to see how he carves out his own identity and success.

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